Preview – Starcraft II – Heart of the Swarm

We had a chance to get some much anticipated hands-on time with the Starcraft II – Heart of the Swarm Beta, and it’s bug-crushing awesome!  We just wanted to give you some of the details on the new units and features for the first of two expansion packs for Starcraft II, so strap in, grab […]

Starcraft II

In March of 1998, Starcraft invaded PC’s and turned the Real-Time Strategy genre on it’s ear.  Overcoming the ‘Orcs in space’ naysayers, the game captivated campaign players with a rich, engaging story, and launched a multiplayer community that has survived longer than most others, elevating to near religion in South Korea.  Then, after an equally […]

The Weekly Byte for 8/30/2010

New Releases 8/31/2010 Ghost Pirate of Vooju Island – $19.99 -Puzzle/Adventure game Serious Sam HD – $9.99 – Boxed copy release of this classic remake News Bytes PC Gamers run over by light cycles. Am I the only one that thinks it ironic that a game/movie franchise centered around being pulled in computer systems has […]

The Weekly Byte for 8/16/2010

New Releases Tuesday, 8/17 – Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days – $49.99 – trying to make up for the initial flop City of Heroes : Collection – $39.99 Collection of CoH MMO & expansions Hello Kitty Online – $19.99 Ummm, yeah. I dunno either >:O) News Bytes Consumers buying less Nvidia driving GPU changes? […]

The Weekly Byte for 8/9/2010

New Releases Thursday, 8/12 – Puzzle Quest 2 on Steam for $19.99 ($17.99 by pre-order before then) News Bytes Torchlight will be lit, again, in Spring of 2011!!! Runic games has blindsided us by announcing that their next project is not a Torchlight MMO, but a full on, Torchlight sequel, featuring online co-op, among other […]

Daily Bits 7/30/10

In today’s Daily Bits: It’s not longer a RUSE, Best Buy trying to match Amazon, Insomniac announces an announcement, Intellivision Lives and StarCraft+Lego? This is not a feint: RUSE to release September 7 Some would argue Ubisoft has been too in love with it’s World War II RTS’s name, offering several different release dates that […]