Warhammer 40,000: Regicide Steam Early Access Announcement

Warhammer 40,000: Regicide has released onto Steam in an Early Access state. Unlike many Early Access titles, it is pretty polished and stable. The community is still hunting bugs and sharing ideas about things they would like to see implemented, to which Hammerfall Publishing is being very receptive. This level of community involvement is creating a great […]

Headshot’s Dossier Ep #6 – Assault Android Cactus

[audio:http://everydaygamers.com/podcasts/HDEpisode6.mp3] Chris had an amazing interview with one of the developers of Steam Early Access title, Assault Android Cactus, Sanatana Mishra.  Cactus is an arcade style twin stick shooter being developed by three man team Witch Beam, has hit Steam’s Early Access initiative for $14.99, and will be available later for WiiU, Ps4 and PS Vita. […]

Headshot’s Dossier Ep #5 – Catching Up On Snow

  [audio:http://everydaygamers.com/podcasts/Dossier_Ep5.mp3] Chris is blessed to be joined by Alexander Bergendahl, CEO and Game Director from Poppermost Productions.  Poppermost is the team behind Steam Early Access hit Snow.  The game is available for a minimum price of $14.99 on Steam Early Access, giving you access to the current build and some great in-game items.  The […]