Review: Little Racers STREET

Milkstone Studios has taken a bit of a step back into the past with its game Little Racers STREET. You don’t see too many of this type of game anymore. Does Little Racers STREET hit that nostalgic sweet-spot, or should Mikstone Studios be more focused on current gaming trends? Having grown up on isometric racers like R.C. Pro […]

Hydro Thunder Hurricane “Tempest Pack” DLC Coming in October

Vector Unit, developer of Hydro Thunder Hurricane has announced its first downloadable content pack.  The “Tempest Pack” will add three new exciting gameplay environments, including Atlantis, Bermuda Triangle, and Castle Von Boom.  The pack will also contain two brand new expert-class speedboats, along with Gauntlet, Championship, and Ring Master events. Hydro Thunder Hurricane is a […]

Monday Night Combat

Remember in my Summer of Arcade article where I said I was looking forward to Monday Night Combat more than any of the other games coming out, including Hydro Thunder Hurricane? The only problem with the game was the timing of the release; having just picked up StarCraft II, I thought I was going to […]

Daily Bits For 7/19/10

Daily Bits is a collection of all the gaming news that has happened for the current day that we deem as interesting and relevant to our readers. Check back daily for more news round-ups and feel free to send your suggestions to Release Date List: 7/18-7/25 This week the Summer of Arcade promotion kicks […]


Have you ever had a dream that felt so real but you couldn’t remember it enough to explain it?  That’s kind of how my experience felt while playing Limbo.  The masterminds behind the eerie world that is Limbo, are a company called “Playdead” who is based out of Copenhagen, Denmark.  While this may be the […]