Dying Light: Initial Impressions

(Note: This is NOT my review. All opinions and discussed matters are subject to change.) Enter Harran, a developing coastal city bustling with traffic. Oh, and all that traffic? Yeah, those are undead. An outbreak of a virus has ravaged this city, and a stringent quarantine has been put into place. No one can get in, and […]

DayZ: A Survival Guide

If you’ve been bitten by the DayZ zombie bug, you might find yourself to be a stranger in a strange land. DayZ is not your average arcade shooter. The post zombie-apocalyptic country of Chernarus is a cruel and unforgiving place. Zombies roam mindlessly through cities and villages while bandits lie in wait over cities. To survive, […]

Dead Nation Attacks the PSN November 30th

According to the Playstation Blog, Housemarque’s PSN zombie apolcalypse title, Dead Nation will be coming in just a couple weeks.  Dead Nation will feature both online and offline two player cooperative campaign play and will also support Trophies.  The game will retail for $14.99 when it releases on November 30th. Check out below last years […]